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» music Rebel Hotel


Get your own digital copy of any of Rebel Hotel’s EP’s for a small donation!

This site is run by the band and we appreciate your support to cut out the middle hand. Thank you!!

**Only $1.00 for our new 2 song EP**


1. The Way I Am
2. Overflow


1. Just Like You
2. Tear It Apart
3. Down
4. Keep The Pace
5. Set Sail


1. Get Lost
2. No Peace
3. Rebel Hotel
4. Why


1. Gotta’ Go
2. Doin’ Time
3. Beat You Blind
4. Skin Off Your Bones
5. Ready To Ride

New music, videos and a whole lot more are constantly being added to the rotation, set lists changes from show to show, and you can never predict what you will experience when you see these four desperado’s live…. But one thing is for sure…you will be taken away by high energy, a truck load of attitude, you will go home satisfied knowing you’ve seen something different new and a really exciting live band….